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==List of event Pokémon==
===Whitney's Miltank===
{{bulbanews|Johto Classic Wi-Fi competition announced}}
[https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/information/1f7ea02e-1adc-4bc8-a222-b42616f62c86 This] Miltank will be distributed to players who insert a serial code that will be given away to players who complete at least three battles during the Johto Classic (Korean: 성도 오픈 ''Johto Open'') competition on the [[Pokémon Global Link]]. The competition will be held from May 27 to May 29, 2016. <!--A list of eligible players was posted on the Pokémon Global Link on June ??, 2016. Qualifying players who logged into their Pokémon Global Link account starting on June ??, 2016 received a personal notification containing a serial code. The serial codes could be used to obtain Miltank from June ?? to July ??, 2016.--> It is based on [[Whitney's Miltank]] from {{game2|Gold|Silver|Crystal}}.
|move2=Milk Drink|move2type=Normal|move2cat=Status<!--|move2rel=yes-->
{{G6event/entrybottom|oras|serial code|all|online|??? ??, 2016}}
<!--In all languages, the distribution text and title are in Korean, but the Wonder Card uses the {{DL|List of Wonder Cards in Generation VI|Pokémon Global Link gift}} type text in the language of the receiving game.-->
===Movie Legendary birds===
{{bulbanews|Hidden Ability Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres to be Distributed in South Korea}}



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