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'''Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige!''' (Japanese: '''世界一華麗なポケモン!?チラチーノVSツタージャ!''' ''The Most Magnificent Pokémon in the World!? {{tt|Chillaccino|Cinccino}} VS {{tt|Tsutarja|Snivy}}!'') is the 98th episode of the {{series|Best Wishes}}, and the 755th episode of the [[Pokémon anime]]. It first aired in Japan on October 11, 2012 and in the United States on February 2, 2013 as the first episode of the sixteenth season, ''[[S16|Pokémon Black & White: Adventures in Unova]]''.
Back at [[Cynthia]]'s villa, [[Cynthia]] tells {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} that the [[Pokémon Center]] has informed her of the [[Unova League]]'s location, which [[Jervis]] says is [[Vertress City]]. Naturally, Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}} are extremely psyched about this news. Cynthia suggests that the three head there right away so they will have time for preparations before the league. Anxious to go, Ash agrees, and the three head outside.
Outside, the group prepares to say their goodbyes and plan out their route to Vertress. Jervis suggests heading there via [[Opelucid City]]. The mention of Opelucid City shocks {{an|Iris}}, who offers an alternate route via the [[Village of Dragons]]. Curious to see Iris's hometown, Ash and {{an|Cilan}} agree. Ash, Iris, and Cilan thank Cynthia for her hospitality, and they all say their goodbyes. After departing from Cynthia's villa, Ash vows that he will win the [[Vertress Conference]].
After walking through the woods for a while, they decide to stop and enjoy the lunch Jervis packed them. After letting out their Pokémon, they all sit down to eat. Ash and Iris enjoy their meals, and Cilan marvels at how the sandwich's components compliment each other. The Pokémon are enjoying their lunch too, especially {{AP|Oshawott}}, who finishes his food fast. Oshawott is still hungry however, and notices Pignite's near-full bowl next to him. Being sneaky, Oshawott swipes Pignite's bowl and devours it in an instant. This angers {{AP|Pignite}}, who fires a {{m|Flamethrower}} at Oshawott in revenge. This infuriates Oshawott and the two get in a fight. Ash tells them to knock it off, but Oshawott aims a {{m|Hydro Pump}} at Pignite anyway. However, the attack hits {{TP|Iris|Emolga}} instead and sends her flying. Naturally, Iris is terrified and goes to try to find Emolga. Ash, Cilan and the other Pokémon leave their meals and follow her.
The three eventually find Emolga knocked out at the bottom of a cliff, and Iris retrieves her. Ash scolds Pignite and Oshawott for causing this incident and demands them to apologize, which they do. Suddenly, a female voice asks Iris if "that uglyunattractive Emolga" belongs to her. Offended, Iris demands to know who insulted Emolga. Out of nowhere, a trio of elegantly-dressed girls and their Pokémon appear at the top of the cliff. The girl in the middle—the one who deemed Iris's Emolga ugly—introducesunattractive—introduces herself as [[Moira]] and her {{p|Cinccino}}, Cinccinoette, as "the most elegant Pokémon in the world." Intrigued, Ash scans Cinccino on his [[Pokédex]]. Moira is accompanied by two other girls, [[Mona]] and [[Cher]], who show off their {{p|Lilligant}} and {{p|Roserade}}, Lilligantette and Roserade-ette as the "second- and third-most elegant Pokémon," respectively. Ash scans the other two Pokémon on his Pokédex as well.
Intrigued, Ash scans Cinccino on his [[Pokédex]]. Moira is accompanied by two other girls, [[Mona]] and [[Cher]], who show off their {{p|Lilligant}} and {{p|Roserade}}, Lilligantette and Roserade-ette as the "second- and third-most elegant Pokémon," respectively. Ash scans the other two Pokémon on his Pokédex as well.
Moira explains that they came out here to get some fresh air to enhance Cinccino's beauty, but Iris's "ugly" Emolga soiled her beauty. This enrages Iris, who defends her Emolga. Moira then goes on to deem [[Ash's Snivy]] "uptight and pathetic," and concludes that every one of their Pokémon is "ugly and pathetic." Mona and Cher agree, and claim that they must leave so they don't catch the ugliness of Ash, Iris, and Cilan's Pokémon, and so the three walk off. Ash and Cilan are annoyed, but Iris is furious and chases after them.
<!-- This is not for summarizing everything that happens in this episode. Only events pertaining to the series as a whole, such as catching and releasing Pokémon and obtaining Badge, go here. -->
* {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} learn that the [[Unova League]] will be held in [[Vertress City]] and decide to visit the [[Village of Dragons]] en route.
* {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}his friends leave [[Cynthia]]'s villa.
[[File:Pikachu_as_female_Pikachu.png|thumb|250px|right|Pikachu disguised as a female]]
* [[Professor Oak's Pokémon Live Caster]]: {{p|Heatmor}}
* This episode includes {{Ash}} cross-dressing, which he has done once in every pastpreceding series. The previous occasions involved him [[EP026|dressing up to challenge the Celadon Gym (which he had been banned from)]], [[AG042|helping someone practice confessing their feelings]], and [[DP062|serving at the Mountain Hut Maid Café]].
** Additionally, Ash assumes the name "[[Ashley]],", the same name he took when he cross-dressed for the first time. In another similarity, both this and the first cross-dressings were for disguise.
* DuringThis thisis episode,the {{AP|Pikachu}}'sseason tail has a heart-shaped piecepremiere of paper taped on to make him appear female, marking the first time that the Pikachu [[ListS16|Pokémon ofBW: PokémonAdventures within genderUnova differences|genderand differenceBeyond]] has been acknowledged in the anime.
* MoiraDuring [[Breakingthis the fourthepisode, wall{{AP|breaksPikachu}}'s thetail fourthhas wall]]a inheart-shaped thispiece episodeof bypaper pushingtaped on to make him appear female, marking the splitfirst screentime outthat whilethe arguingPikachu [[List of Pokémon with Irisgender differences|gender difference]] has been acknowledged in the {{pkmn|anime}}.
* [[Moira]] [[Breaking the fourth wall|breaks the fourth wall]] in this episode by pushing the split-screen out while arguing with {{an|Iris}}.
* In the shot after Iris puts her disguise on, the costumes she and Ash wore in ''[[BW082|An Epic Defense Force!]]'' can be seen in the background.
* This is one of the few episodes where {{AP|Snivy}} actually laughs as opposed to merely smiling, with the other episode being ''[[BW077|Evolution by Fire!]]''. In this case, she is laughing at how bad Moira and {{p|Cinccino}} look along with {{TP|Iris|Emolga}} and Iris. However, she is also laughing at the fact that she finally got revenge.
* A woman who appeared in this episode has a [[Anime character recycling|strong resemblance]] to [[Otane]], a [[character of the day]] who appeared in ''[[AG090|Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry]]''.
* This episode marks the final appearance of [[Cynthia]].
* On the R1 DVD Release, the opening animation featured the version that had clips from ''[[Be an Arrow!#Opening animation: Version 2 (BW109 - BW122)|Be an Arrow! 2013]]'' instead of the proper version that had clips from ''[[Be an Arrow!#Opening animation: Version 1 (BW085 - BW108)|Be an Arrow!]]''. It should also be noted that this error did not occur in the television broadcast of this episode.
* WhenIn Ashthe scans{{pmin|Poland|Polish}} Cinccino with his Pokédexdub, it doesn"'t'{{m|Tail saySlap|Moc thatOgona}}''" Cinccinois evolvescalled from"''Moc MinccinoOgnia''."
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