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[[File:Title Card XY Bonnie V2.png|200px|thumb|The title card segment focuses on Bonnie for this episode]]
* In the Japanese version, the title card segment focuses on {{an|Bonnie}}.
* [[Professor Oak's Pokémon Holo Caster]]: {{p|Meowstic}}
** Instead of Pokémon Holo Caster, {{p|Hoopa}} pops out to announce the viewers[[Legendary toPokémon]] getgiveaways theand legendaryto Pokémonurge giveawaysviewers andto theget tickets for the [[M18|second ''XY'' series movie]].
* The dub's title may be a reference to a line from the {{wp|Daniel Powter}} song "{{wp|Bad Day (Daniel Powter song)|Bad Day}}".
* {{an|Clemont}} and {{an|Serena}} narrate the preview for the [[XY072|next episode]].
===Dub edits===
[[File:Title* CardLike XYin Ash.png|thumb|200px|Thethe dub's titleof card''[[BW131|The withPath Serena'sThat oldLeads designto Goodbye!]]'', the apples are referred to as {{Berries}}.
* The title card segment focuses on Ash in the dub instead of Bonnie.
* Like ''[[BW131|The Path That Leads to Goodbye!]]'' in the dub, the apples are referred to as berries.
==In other languages==

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