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The legend of the Time Gears
===The legend of the Time Gears===
OneOn stormythe night, the partner findsafter the player unconscious on the beach, at which point the player realizes that they have been transformed. A Zubat and Koffing come and steal the partner's prizedarrest possession, the Relic Fragment. The player helps get it back and the two form an exploration team. They go to Wigglytuff's Guild to register their team. The team does their first job the next day and it ends in a success. That night{{mdc|Drowzee|2}}, the partner tells the player the story of the [[Time Gear]]s; the artifacts that maintain the flow of time in their respective regions. The partner theorizes that if a Time Gear is stolen, time in that area will stop. Despite this, a mysterious thief is seen stealing a Time Gear.
One day, the player and partner, along with the Guild and Team Skull (as special guests), make an expedition to a location called [[Fogbound Lake]], a lake seemingly covered in fog. Arriving there, the player recalls the place as being familiar, but cannot ascertain as to why. At the top, they find and defeat {{p|Groudon}} to find out that it was only an illusion made by the [[Lake guardians|Lake Guardian]], {{mdc|Uxie|2}}, who is said to be able to erase the memories of all who arrive there. Uxie does not trust the Guild, fearing that they may take the Time Gear at the center of the lake, hence the reason for erasing the memories. However, after an appeal from the partner, the Guild earns Uxie's trust, and Uxie decides not to erase the memories of the Guild or the lake's treasure.
Some time later, the team reawakens back at the guild. The partner recalls the exchange between Dusknoir and Grovyle, and the information is shared with the Guild and Azelf. Just then, the Guild's emergency alarm sounds, requiring everyone to be in attendance at a town meeting. In town, they find Dusknoir, who reminds everyone that Grovyle is still at large. Dusknoir further claims that Grovyle is a Pokémon from the future—there, Grovyle was a criminal, who fled to the past to avoid being captured. He plots to steal the Time Gears, which in turn would freeze the world in time, thus causing the planet's paralysis. Water would not flow, the sun would not rise, the seasons would not change, and darkness would cover the world. When {{p|Corphish}} is curious as to why Dusknoir knows all of this, Dusknoir reveals that he, too, is from the future, sent back in time to capture Grovyle and bring him to justice. The Guild and townsfolk all agree to help Dusknoir stop Grovyle. Azelf has a plan to trap Grovyle—as the Time Gear in Crystal Lake still remains, they are certain that Grovyle will return for it. In order to lure Grovyle, the townsfolk spread a false rumor that the lake trio will try to seal the Time Gear away permanently, while the trio will be defending the Time Gear, awaiting the moment to make the jump on Grovyle. Although everyone wants to help, Dusknoir insists on doing so alone as to avoid suspicion.
A few days later, a report from Magnezone arrives, indicating that Grovyle has been captured, and that Dusknoir plans to take Grovyle back to the future to face justice. To do so, Dusknoir has opened a Dimensional Hole in the middle of town square. In town, the townsfolk find the Dimensional Hole, but no sign of Dusknoir. As the lake trio explain to the partner that the Time Gears were recovered and were returned, Dusknoir appears with Grovyle and two {{p|Sableye}}. As Grovyle is carted off into the Dimensional Hole, Dusknoir gives his farewell. But before he steps through the portal, he asks the player's team to step forward. When they step next to the portal, the partner explains a sad farewell, but then, Dusknoir suddenly grabs the team and drags them into the portal. Before the townsfolk can give chasereact, the Dimensional Hole closes and disappears suddenly.
===Escape from the future===

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