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Kouichi Ooyama

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==In the TCG==
Kouichi Ooyama has illustrated various things for the Trading Card Game, such as the insert included with the Japanese {{TCG ID|Wizards Promo|'s Pikachu|24}}. He illustrated the {{TCG ID|Vending|Ooyama's Pikachu|S3}} card, being credited as "Ooyama." It features a drawing of Ooyama where the Pokédex entry usually is. He was credited as "Dr. Ooyama" for the illustration of the well-known "bilingual" {{TCG ID|Trainer|Exeggutor|promo}} card, which had its text printed in both English and Japanese. Like Ooyama's Pikachu, it features a drawing of the illustrator in place of the Pokédex entry, who is in this case "Dr. Ooyama." For the complete list of cards that he illustrated, go [[:Category: Illus. by Kouichi Ooyama|here]].
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