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Pokémon Adventures has been translated into many languages for publication around the world.
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[[File:Pokémon Adventures TW volume 3.png|thumb|100px|left|{{tt|神奇寶貝特別篇|Pokémon Special}} volume 3 in traditional Mandarin (Taiwan)]]
In late 2014, Kim Đồng renegotiated the rights to the Pokémon Adventures series; however, a series of delays resulted in the release of the first volume to be pushed back from a projected January 2015 release date until April 6, 2015. Volume 2 was planned to be released on April 20 but has been delayed since then, after receiving complaints about some translated terms from readers. This volume was finally released on August 24, and subsequent volumes are scheduled to follow every two weeks on Mondays. Kim Đồng's second edition of Pokémon Adventures are published in the original right-to-left reading format.



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