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'''Energy''' is a statistic that only appears in [[Pokémon Conquest]]. Energy affects a Pokémon's performance in battle and their link with their trainer. A Pokémon with maximum Energy will have slighter higher stats and gain slightly more Link percentage after a battle; a Pokémon with minimum Energy will have slightly lower stats and gain less Link percentage. Regardless of energy levels or how often they are used in battle, a Pokémon's Energy drops one level after three months.
The main way to recover Energy is by visiting pongiri shops, where buying a pongiri will recover the Energy for all Pokémon visiting by one level. Upgrading a pongiri shop allows more expensive pongiri to be purchased, which recover more Energy at once. Sometimes, the shop owner will offer a free second helping; accepting will either raise the Pokémon's Energy to maximum, or cause it to drop. Energy can also be recovered by usage of items, or by certain [[Warrior Skill]]s. However, Energy boosts granted by a Warrior Skill only last the duration of the current battle, and the Pokémon's Energy returns to its pre-battle value afterward.
===In-battle stats===

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