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X ゥ- xゥ,

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It only appears in {{v2|Yellow}} and will turn into [[PokéWTrainer]] if traded to {{v2|Red and Blue|s}}.
It can be encountered by performing Method #3 of the [[Mew glitch]] using a Pokémon with a special stat of 196, or obtained via the [[JohtoTime guardCapsule glitchexploit]] with {{p|Typhlosion}}. It can also be obtained if a [[PokéWTrainer]] is traded from Red and Blue.
X ゥ- xゥ, features a [[glitch screen]], particularly the purple-tint variant, although the battle menu is shown.
{{Availability/Entry2/None|v=Red|v2=Blue|area=Becomes [[PokéWTrainer]] in {{2v2|Red|Blue}}}}
{{Availability/Entry1|v=Yellow|area=[[Mew glitch]] (Special stat 196)<br>[[JohtoTime guardCapsule glitchexploit]] ({{p|Typhlosion}})}}

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