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The legend of the Time Gears
===The legend of the Time Gears===
One stormy night, the partner finds the player andunconscious tellson the beach, at which point the player realizes that they have been transformed. A Zubat and Koffing come and steal the partner's specialprized itempossession, the Relic Fragment. The player helps get it back and theythe two form an exploration team. They go to Wigglytuff's Guild to register their team. They go to sleep and the next morning, they are awoken by extremely loud yelling. It was Loudred, a local apprentice. The team does their first job thatthe next day and it endedends asin a success. That night, the partner tells the player the story of the [[Time Gear]]s,; the artifacts that allmaintain Pokémonthe areflow toof avoidtime lessin timetheir standrespective stillregions. WhenThe partner theorizes that if a Time Gear is stolen, time in that area iswill frozenstop. Despite this, a mysterious thief is seen stealing thea Time Gears, of which nobody knows about until sooner laterGear.
One day, the player and partner, along with the Guild and Team Skull (as special guests), make an expedition to a location called [[Fogbound Lake]], a lake seemingly covered in fog. Arriving there, the player recalls the place as being familiar, but cannot ascertain as to why. At the top, they find and defeat {{p|Groudon}} to find out that it was only an illusion made by the [[Lake guardians|Lake Guardian]], {{mdc|Uxie|2}}, who is said to be able to erase the memories of all who arrive there. Uxie does not trust the Guild, fearing that they may take the Time Gear at the center of the lake, hence the reason for erasing the memories. However, after an appeal from the partner, the Guild earns Uxie's trust, and Uxie decides not to erase the memories of the Guild or the lake's treasure.

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