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In August 2014, [[Panini Comics]] began releasing the {{chap|Black & White}} of the Pokémon Adventures manga in {{pmin|Brazil|Brazilian Portuguese}}, beginning with {{PAV|43}}. Panini has stated that if the series is successful, they will continue into other story arcs of the manga.
===Latin American Spanish===
[[File:Mangastoukan.png|thumb|100px|right|Issues of Pokémon Adventures and [[Magical Pokémon Journey]] in Latin American Spanish]]
Pokémon Adventures was translated into {{pmin|Latin America|Latin American Spanish}} by Toukan Manga. The Latin American translation was based on VIZ Media's English translation.
[[File:Pokémon Adventures VIES volume 1.png|thumb|100px|right|Volume one of {{tt|''Pokémon ĐặcRojo, BiệtVerde y Azul''|Pokémon volumeRed, 1Green & Blue}} (secondin edition)Spanish]]
Otherwise, in {{pmin|Spain}}, Norma Editorial has adquired the Complete License of the Manga and it is available since October 29, 2015. The Volume Distribution changes from the Original Japanese because it is more extensive and which Rounds are embrace in Different Volumes to adapt more faithfully to the Chapter that belong. It has published monthly in Oriental Reading Direction as other Company Licenses alternating the RGB Chapter and the BW chapter.
[[File:Pokémon Adventures VI volume 1.png|thumb|100px|right|''Pokémon Đặc Biệt'' volume 1 (second edition)]]
In {{pmin|Vietnam}}, Pokémon Adventures ({{tt|Pokémon Đặc Biệt|Pokémon Special}}) is published by Kim Đồng Publishing House, one of the largest manga publishers in Vietnam. The Vietnamese translation is based directly on the Japanese version — the trademarked romanizations of Japanese names are used for Pokémon, character and location names, although move names are translated into Vietnamese language.
In late 2014, Kim Đồng renegotiated the rights to the Pokémon Adventures series; however, a series of delays resulted in the release of the first volume to be pushed back from a projected January 2015 release date until April 6, 2015. Volume 2 was planned to be released on April 20 but has been delayed since then, after receiving complaints about some translated terms from readers. This volume was finally released on August 24, and subsequent volumes are scheduled to follow every two weeks on Mondays. Kim Đồng's second edition of Pokémon Adventures are published in the original right-to-left reading format.
{| border="1"
| colspan="2"|'''Released volumes'''
| '''[[Pokémon Adventures volume 1|Volume 1]]''' || April 6, 2015
| '''[[Pokémon Adventures volume 2|Volume 2]]''' || August 24, 2015
| '''[[Pokémon Adventures volume 3|Volume 3]]''' || September 7, 2015
| '''[[Pokémon Adventures volume 4|Volume 4]]''' || September 21, 2015
| '''[[Pokémon Adventures volume 5|Volume 5]]''' || October 5, 2015
| '''[[Pokémon Adventures volume 6|Volume 6]]''' || October 19, 2015
| '''[[Pokémon Adventures volume 7|Volume 7]]''' || November 2, 2015
File:Pokémon Adventures VI volume 1.png|'''[[Pokémon Adventures volume 1|Volume 1]]''' (second edition)<br>April 6, 2015
File:Pokémon Adventures VI volume 2.png|'''[[Pokémon Adventures volume 2|Volume 2]]''' (second edition)<br>August 24, 2015
File:Pokémon Adventures VI volume 3.png|'''[[Pokémon Adventures volume 3|Volume 3]]''' (second edition)<br>September 7, 2015
File:Pokémon Adventures VI volume 4.png|'''[[Pokémon Adventures volume 4|Volume 4]]''' (second edition)<br>September 21, 2015
File:Pokémon Adventures VI volume 5.png|'''[[Pokémon Adventures volume 5|Volume 5]]''' (second edition)<br>October 5, 2015
File:Pokémon Adventures VI volume 6.png|'''[[Pokémon Adventures volume 6|Volume 6]]''' (second edition)<br>October 19, 2015
File:Pokémon Adventures VI volume 7.png|'''[[Pokémon Adventures volume 7|Volume 7]]''' (second edition)<br>November 2, 2015



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