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Pokémon Battrio

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Pokémon Battrio operates on a {{wp|List of Sega arcade system boards#Triforce|Triforce}} arcade system and uses [[wikipedia:Cel shading|cel-shaded]] graphics. The machine costs ¥100 to operate for each player; a random puck is also dispensed from the machine per coin inserted. The console itself has only two buttons for each player; an orange button that is used to cycle through options in the game, and a larger yellow button used to confirm commands and interact with certain gameplay mechanics. Above these are 4×4 grids that the pucks are placed on and manipulated, as their positioning directly influences the positioning of the Pokémon on the in-game battlefield. Between these grids in the center of the console is the infrared scanner used for scanning in pucks.
Over its release history, Pokémon Battrio went though a number of series, which included additional affixes to denote a change. Each series has a number of associated expansion sets and the firmware was often upgraded to incorporate new mechanics and cosmetic changes to the interface, with the current version of the system displayed at the start screen.

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