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{{Infobox location
|image=Knot Island FRLG.png
|location_name=One Island
|translated_name=Island 1
|location=West of [[Two Island]]
|region=Sevii Islands
|map=Sevii Islands One Island Map.png

'''One Island''' (Japanese: '''{{j|1のしま}}''' ''Island 1'') is a location in the [[Sevii Islands]] archipelago and is the island found to the northwest of all the others.

==Notable settings==
* [[Treasure Beach]]
* [[Kindle Road]]
* [[Mt. Ember]]

The town in One Island is small and isolated. Most of its inhabitants are young people who are eager to leave for big cities in [[Kanto]].

One Island's town also features the [[Pokémon Network Center]], an expanded [[Pokémon Center]]. Run by [[Bill]]'s friend [[Celio]], the center is integral to unlock communication with {{game2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}} in {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}.

Celio's first quest for the player is the delivery of a {{key|III|Meteorite}} to the owner of the [[Joyful Game Corner]] in [[Two Island]]. His next quest comes after the player has defeated the {{pkmn|Champion}} at [[Indigo Plateau]] and received the [[National Pokédex]]. After getting the {{key|III|Ruby}} in [[Mt. Ember]], Celio will exchange the player's {{DL|Sevii Island passes|Tri-Pass}} for a {{DL|Sevii Island passes|Rainbow Pass}} and send him or her off to the southern four of the Sevii Islands to seek out the {{key|III|Sapphire}}. After taking it back from [[Team Rocket]] {{tc|Scientist}} [[Gideon]] on [[Six Island]], the Pokémon Network Center's {{DL|Pokémon Network Center|Network Machine}} will become operational and allow linking with the [[Game Boy Advance|GBA]] [[Hoenn]]-based [[Core series|core games]].

South of the town's [[Seagallop]] ferry dock is a short watery path to [[Treasure Beach]], while east of it is the challenging [[Kindle Road]].

'''''Friends Gather at Knot Island''''' (Japanese: '''{{j|ごえんが あつまる むすびじま}}''' ''Friends gather at Knot Island'')

One Island's total population is nine. This excludes Bill and the [[Pokémon Center Nurse]], but does include Celio.

{{itemlist|Meteorite|Gift from Bill after arriving, to deliver to [[Lostelle]]'s father on {{OBP|Two Island|town}}|FR=yes|LG=yes|display={{key|III|Meteorite}}}}
{{itemlist|Tri-Pass|Gift from Celio after arriving with Bill|FR=yes|LG=yes|display={{DL|Sevii Island passes|Tri-Pass}}}}
{{itemlist|Town Map|Gift from Celio after arriving, if not obtained in [[Pallet Town]]|FR=yes|LG=yes}}
{{itemlist|Rainbow Pass|Gift from Celio after giving him the {{key|III|Ruby}}|FR=yes|LG=yes|display={{DL|Sevii Island passes|Rainbow Pass}}}}

{{catch/entryfl|129|Magikarp|yes|yes|Fish Old|5|100%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entryfl|116|Horsea|yes|no|Fish Good|5-15|80%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entryfl|098|Krabby|no|yes|Fish Good|5-15|80%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entryfl|129|Magikarp|yes|yes|Fish Good|5-15|20%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entryfl|090|Shellder|yes|no|Fish Super|15-25|40%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entryfl|116|Horsea|yes|no|Fish Super|15-25|40%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entryfl|098|Krabby|no|yes|Fish Super|15-25|40%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entryfl|120|Staryu|no|yes|Fish Super|15-25|40%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entryfl|130|Gyarados|yes|yes|Fish Super|15-25|15%|type1=Water|type2=Flying}}
{{catch/entryfl|117|Seadra|yes|no|Fish Super|25-35|4%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entryfl|099|Kingler|no|yes|Fish Super|25-35|4%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entryfl|054|Psyduck|yes|no|Fish Super|25-35|1%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entryfl|079|Slowpoke|no|yes|Fish Super|25-35|1%|type1=Water|type2=Psychic}}

==In other languages==
|zh_cmn=第1島 ''{{tt|Dì Yī Dǎo|First Island}}'' (Taiwan)<br>一之岛 ''{{tt|Yī-zhī Dǎo|One Island}}'' (Mainland China)
|fr=Île 1
|de=Eiland Eins
|ko=1의 섬 ''1-yi Seom''
|es_la=Isla Prima
|es_eu=Isla Prima

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