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BREAKthrough (TCG)

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'''BREAKthrough''' is the eighth expansion of the English XY Series, while the Japanese releases '''Blue Shock・Red Flash''' make up the first expansion block of the Japanese XY BREAK Era. The set continues to feature [[Mega Evolution]] as powerful {{TCG|Pokémon-EX}} and centers around the Genetic Pokémon [[Mewtwo]]. It will be released in Japan on September 26, 2015 and on November 4, 2015 in English. BREAKthrough is set to feature over 160 cards, while Blue Shock・Red Flash will have over 59 cards per set.
BREAKthrough will have 8 new Pokémon-EX, including 4 Mega Evolution Pokémon, and 6 new Pokémon BREAK cards.
{{Setlist/header|title=Additional cards|tablecol=065cae|bordercol=ca2648|cellcol=d00000|promo=yes|symbol=no}}
{{Setlist/entry|49/162|{{TCG ID|BREAKthrough|Raichu|49}}|Lightning|||Cracked Ice Holo {{TCG|Burning Spark}} Theme Deck exclusive}}
{{Setlist/entry|54/162|{{TCG ID|BREAKthrough|Magnezone|54}}|Lightning|||Non Holo {{TCG|Burning Spark}} Theme Deck exclusive}}
{{Setlist/entry|60/162|{{TCG ID|BREAKthrough|Gengar|60}}|Psychic|||Non Holo {{TCG|Night Striker}} Theme Deck exclusive}}
{{Setlist/entry|91/162|{{TCG ID|BREAKthrough|Zoroark|91}}|Darkness|||Non Holo {{TCG|Night Striker}} Theme Deck exclusive}}
{{Setlist/entry|112/162|{{TCG ID|BREAKthrough|Noivern|112}}|Dragon|||Cracked Ice Holo {{TCG|Night Striker}} Theme Deck exclusive}}
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