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<i>Ash and his friends continue toward Castelia City and Ash’s third Unova region Gym Battle. On the way, the Egg that our hero has been carrying finally hatches into...a Scraggy! Everyone wants to greet the newly hatched Pokémon, but the feisty Scraggy decides to say hello with a Headbutt instead!
Ash then calls out his other Pokémon in order to meet their new friend. They all respond in a positive way, starting with {{AP|Pidove|Tranquill}}. However, Scraggy continues to respond aggressively, headbutting Pidove, which shocks her. {{AP|Oshawott}} is next, but again, gets a headbutt from Scraggy, which results in Oshawott getting so angry that Pikachu and {{AP|Tepig}} have to pull Oshawott off of Scraggy to separate them and prevent them from fighting. Then Scraggy responds with headbutting Oshawott, separating him from his shell, and stepping on it so that he cannot get it back. Oshawott yanks his shell back, and smacks Scraggy over the head with it, to which Ash asks if Scraggy is okay. Oshawott responds with a {{m|Water Gun}} attack, to which Scraggy defends itself by pulling up its "pants" to block it. Ash notes that is how Scraggy defends itself. Scraggy then headbutts Tepig, and Ash says that Scraggy takes on everybody, and Cilan notes that it has little effect. Then Scraggy appears dizzy from too many headbutts, which makes Iris and Axew laugh. Then Scraggy tries to headbutt {{AP|Snivy}}, who is sitting on a rock, but Snivy easily dodges, and Scraggy hits the rock instead. He then shakes off being dizzy again, and tries to headbutt Snivy again, to which Snivy responds by using her {{m|Vine Whip}}s to hold Scraggy at bay, until he trips and falls on his face. Ash then asks Scraggy if that is enough for now, to which Scraggy responds by headbutting Ash.
The scene then switches to {{TRT}}. [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{MTR}} are speaking with [[Pierce]] via a laptop from a secret location. Pierce asks them if they have the [[Meteonite]] in question, to which Meowth responds in the affirmative. Pierce gives them their next rendezvous location, a building on the other side of town, and tells them not to be late. James remarks that they do not have long until the rendezvous, and Jessie says they should go.
The scene then switches back to Ash and {{ashfr}}. It is now early evening, and the gang and their Pokémon are gathered around eating dinner. Ash invites Scraggy to come and eat dinner with the rest of them, but Scraggy refuses. Iris observes that it is hard to know what Scraggy is thinking, and Cilan posits that it might be upset that it lost to Ash's other Pokémon. Ash asks Scraggy if that is true.
* [[Professor Oak's lecture|Professor Oak's Pokémon Live Caster]]: {{p|Frillish}}{{tt|*|Japanese DVD realasesreleases only}}.
* There is no [[Professor Oak's lecture|Professor Oak's Pokémon Live Caster]] following this episode.
* The dub title is most likely based on the song ''{{wp|Born to Be Wild}}''.
|pt_eu={{tt|Um Scraggy Saído da Casca!|A Scraggy Exited Bark!}}
|ru={{tt|Скрэги: Мал, да удал!|}}
|sv={{tt|Scraggy – kläckt i det vilda!|Scraggy - hatched in the wild!}}
|sv={{tt|Scraggy – kläckt i det vilda!|Scraggy - hatched in the wild!}}
|ko={{tt|알에서 태어난 난폭자 곤율랭!!|Scraggy, the Wild One Hatched from the Egg!!}}
[[de:Zurrokex – wild und ungezähmt! (Episode)]]

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