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#REDIRECT [[Save modification tools#{{Move|POKESAV]]}}
[[File:POKESAV Pt 0.06e.png|thumb|POKESAV for Platinum version 0.06e, running on English {{wp|Windows 10}} with Locale Emulator]]
The '''Pocket Monsters Save Data Editing Tool''' (Japanese: '''{{j|ポケットモンスター セーブデータ改造ツール}}''') or '''POKESAV''' is a {{wp|Windows API|Win32}} {{wp|Application software|app}} for {{wp|Windows 95}} and later that edits save files of specific [[Core series|core]] [[Pokémon games]], developed by a Japanese programmer known by the alias "COM".
It is recommended that players back up their save files before performing changes with POKESAV. If changes are made before being written to the save file, players can use POKESAV's function to undo the changes ({{j|ファイル再読み込み}} ''reload file''), which restores the data in the file to the initial state.
POKESAV can also export [[Action Replay]] DS codes to perform the changes directly in-game.
There are four different editions of the app, each for use only with the games it targets.
* The {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}} edition, which is at version 0.40d.
* The {{v2|Platinum}} edition, which is at version 0.06e.
* The {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}} edition, which is at version 0.03a
* The {{2v2|Black|White}} edition, which is at version 0.06c.
A {{wp|Windows Runtime|WinRT}} release of the app for {{wp|Windows 8}} and later has not been developed.
==System requirements==
* A {{wp|IBM Personal Computer/AT|PC/AT}}-compatible or {{wp|NEC PC-9801|NEC PC-9800}} series machine
* The Japanese releases of {{wp|Windows 98}} or later ({{wp|Windows 95}} also supported but only with {{wp|Internet Explorer 3}}.01 or later installed)
Because the app is not written in {{wp|Unicode}}, it will present either question marks or {{wp|mojibake}} to non-Japanese Windows users. To work around this, users of {{wp|Windows XP}} may use {{wp|AppLocale}} while users of {{wp|Windows 7}} and later may use [ Locale Emulator]. Users of {{wp|Windows Vista}} need to change the system's locale (language for non-Unicode software) to Japanese; this method may also be employed in the other versions of {{wp|Microsoft Windows}}. Changing the system's locale will affect all apps, however.
==External links==
* [ Official DP/Pt/HGSS edition website] <small>(Japanese)</small>
* [ Official BW edition website] <small>(Japanese)</small>
* [ User manual]
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