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I've only checked a few 2- and 3-star potentials, but it does just seem to be a minimum. I'd /assume/ the stars are "forced", but we can also get away with just avoiding that question
Pokémon encountered as hidden Pokémon can have certain special qualities that Pokémon encountered in other ways do not.
*Hidden Pokémon can have their normal first move replaced with a special move, randomly selected from the [[Egg moveMove]]s of the first Pokémon in its evolutionary family. If a Pokémon has a special move, the DexNav will display an exclamation mark next to the First Move heading.
**For example, {{p|Marill}}'s special moves are only selected from {{p|Azurill}}'s Egg movesMoves, not its own.
*Hidden Pokémon can have their Hidden Ability. If a Pokémon does, the DexNav will display an exclamation mark next to the Ability heading.
*Hidden Pokémon can be 10 levels higher than the level otherwise possible in that area. If a Pokémon is at a higher level due to this, an exclamation mark will appear next to its level. Whenever this occurs, the Pokémon will also have an eggEgg moveMove as its first move.
**By chaining hidden Pokémon, a separate bonus of up to 20 levels can also be reached (making the total possible bonus +30 levels).
*Hidden Pokémon can have some number of perfect [[Individual values|IVs]] (that is, IVs set to 31), indicated by the number of stars highlighted under the Potential heading. The Pokémonnumber mayof havestars moreonly thanindicates threethe minimum number of perfect IVs the Pokémon may have, buthowever; thisa isPokémon stillwith bea showntwo-star aspotential may have three stars.perfect IfIVs, and a Pokémon haswith three orstars may have more than three perfect IVs. If a Pokémon's potential is three stars, the DexNav will display an exclamation mark next to the stars.
As the player builds a chain of hidden Pokémon, the Pokémon found will be more likely to have these traits.
| 0
| Pokémon's level
| Boosted level (+10)<br/>0- and 1-star potential<br/>[[Egg moveMove]] as first move
|- style="background:#FFF"
| 1
|- style="background:#FFF"
| 0
| Pokémon may have a boosted level (+10 levels)<br/>Pokémon may have an [[Egg moveMove]] as its first move
|- style="background:#FFF"
| 1
At Search Levels 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100, the chances of a hidden Pokémon having high IVs, knowing an Egg moveMove, or having its Hidden Ability increase. Below is an approximation of these chances based on observed hidden Pokémon encounters.<!--See talk page: "Search level benefits"--> As these values are based on observations, the true chances may be somewhat higher or lower.
{| class="roundy" cellpadding="3px" style="margin:auto; background: #{{Pokémon color dark}}; border: 3px solid #{{Pokémon color}}"
! style="background:#{{Pokémon color light}}; {{roundytl|5px}}" rowspan=2 | Attribute
| ? || 0% || 1%{{tt|*|Might only occur with level boost}} || 7% || 6% || 12%
|- style="background:#FFF"
| [[Egg moveMove]] as first move
| 21% || 46% || 58% || 63% || 65% || 83%
|- style="background:#FFF"

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