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* As of this episode, ''[[Together|Together2008High Touch!]]'' is replaced by ''[[High Touch!Together|Together2008]]'' as the [[List of Japanese opening themes|Japanese opening theme]].
* ''[[Surely Tomorrow]]'' replaced ''[[Message of the Wind]]'' as the [[List of Japanese ending themes|Japanese ending theme]].
* This episode marks exactly 60 episodes since [[Team Galactic]]'s first anime appearance. In it, however, they hired [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{MTR}} to nab the {{DL|Legendary artifacts|Adamant Orb}} from [[Eterna City]], while this time around the group itself nabbed both it ''and'' the {{DL|Legendary artifacts|Lustrous Orb}} from [[Celestic Town]], which lies on the opposite side of [[Mt. Coronet]] and {{rt|211|Sinnoh}} from Eterna.
* It is revealed in this episode that [[Brock's Croagunk]] is able to sense when [[Saturn's Toxicroak]] is nearby, possibly an allusion to its {{a|Anticipation}} Ability.

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