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[[File:POKESAV Pt 0.06e.png|thumb|POKESAV for Platinum version 0.06e, running on English {{wp|Windows 10}} with Locale Emulator]]
The '''Pocket Monsters Save Data Editing Tool''' (Japanese: '''{{j|ポケットモンスター セーブデータ改造ツール}}''') or '''POKESAV''' is a {{wp|Windows API|Win32}} {{wp|Application software|app}} for {{wp|Windows 95}} and later that edits save files of specific [[Core series|core]] [[Pokémon games]], developed by a Japanese programmer known by the alias "COM". There are four different editions of the app, each for use only with the games it targets: the {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}} edition is at version 0.40d, the {{v2|Platinum}} edition is at version 0.06e, the {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}} edition is at version 0.03a, and the {{2v2|Black|White}} edition is at version 0.06c. POKESAV can also export [[Action Replay]] DS codes that, when activated, will provide the same effects in-game as editing the save file.
Because the app is not written in {{wp|Unicode}}, it will present either question marks or {{wp|mojibake}} to non-Japanese Windows users. To work around this, users of {{wp|Windows XP}} may use {{wp|AppLocale}} while users of {{wp|Windows 7}} and later may use [ Locale Emulator]. Users of {{wp|Windows Vista}} need to change the system's locale (language for non-Unicode software) to Japanese; this method may also be employed in the other versions of {{wp|Microsoft Windows}}. Changing the system's locale will affect all apps, however.
==External links==
* [ Official website] <small>(Japanese)</small>
** [ User manual]
* [ PokéCheats repository]

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