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Battle Mode (Stadium)

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As [[Double Battle]]s did not exist in the first and second generations, if more than two people play, up to two will be on a "team". Each player on such a team will choose six of either their own Pokémon from either a Pokémon [[Pokémon Red and Blue Versions|Red]], [[Pokémon Red and Blue Versions|Blue]], or [[Pokémon_Yellow_Version|Yellow]] game inserted into a [[Transfer Pak]] that is connected to their controller, or they may choose from a selection of the rental Pokémon available to them. During the team preview, each of these two players may choose three of the Pokémon they wish to enter in that particular battle. Players will only have control over the Pokémon they selected. In order to switch to a teammate's Pokémon, that teammate must press B to switch to another Pokémon, and then press the corresponding C button, depending on which Pokémon they want. A player can only switch to their own Pokémon.
In both games, players may also choose which stadium to battle in. Each stadium has a different appearance, and and some are based off ofon environments from [[Kanto]] and [[Johto]]. Players battle until the opposing trainers Pokémon are knocked out.
In [[Pokémon Stadium 2]] the CPU player becomes {{ga|Cal}} and introduces a different character design then the one used in {{game|Gold and Silver|s}}. Cal will use whatever Pokémon the player assigns unless the Challenge Cup is chosen. Also, players and Cal can be given any amount of Pokémon (if Free Battle Mode is selected) from one Pokémon to six. Rules are introduced for Battle Mode; the cup the player chooses will determine the type of rules that are introduced. Rules can be reviewed using the R button at the mode selection screen alongside available Pokémon for the specified cup (Example: Little Cup is for level five Pokémon only).

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