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Pokémon (species)

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Interestingly, Ash and his friends, through their interaction with history in ''[[M12|Arceus and the Jewel of Life]]'', seemingly invented the term "Pokémon" to refer to these creatures. This, however, creates a {{wp|bootstrap paradox}}, as their knowledge and use of the word comes only from its wide use in their future time. What may remain true is that the term came into practice elsewhere on its own.
The guidebook ''[[Pocket Monsters: The Animation]]'' gave a bit more detail on the Pokémon. Specifically, they were rumored to have been created by God on [[Wikipedia:Book of Genesis|the seventh day of creation]] as "doodles", and since they were created on holiday, they were commanded to neither rule over nor be ruled by humanity. It also inferred that they had some relation to merpeople and dragon myths, and that their species was discovered by a French nobleman named Count Tajirin (a subtle reference to franchise creator [[Satoshi Tajiri]]) during the 18th Century.
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