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Pokémon Fan Club

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In the manga
==In the manga==
[[File:Pokémon Fan Club Adventures.png|thumb|200px|Pokémon Fan Club in Kanto in Pokémon Adventures]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
Pokémon Fan Clubs are found in Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh regions. In Kanto and Hoenn the club houses are marked with plaques featuring a {{p|Pikachu}} located in front of the building, while the Sinnoh club house is shown having a heart-shaped plaque in front of the building.
These Pokémon were shown being owned by the Kanto fan club members. Most of the Pokémon are small and often considered cute.
*{{p|Rattata}} width="100%"
*|{{pInactivePoké|Fan Club|Rattata|Fan Club Exeggutor Rattata Weedle Adventures.png|Normal|link=no}}
*|{{pInactivePoké|Alakazam}}Fan (President'sClub|Weedle|Fan thatClub evolvedExeggutor fromRattata anWeedle {{pAdventures.png|Bug|Poison|Abralink=no}})
|{{InactivePoké|Fan Club|Exeggutor|Fan Club Exeggutor Rattata Weedle Adventures.png|Grass|Psychic}}
|{{InactivePoké|Chairman|Alakazam|Chairman Alakazam Adventures.png|Psychic|fir=Abra|mid=Kadabra|link=no}}
===In the Pokémon Zensho manga===
[[File:Pokémon Fan Club Zensho.png|thumb|150px|Pokémon Fan Club in Pokémon Zensho]]
The Fan Club appeared in ''[[PZ04|Vermilion City]]''.
==In the TCG==

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