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Lysandre's Pyroar

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Personality and characteristics
==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Lysandre Pyroar 2.png|thumb|250px|right|Pyroar comfortably sleeping at Lysandre's abode]]
Pyroar, as seen in ''[[SS031|Mega Evolution Special II]]'', is a very loyal to itshis owner. Pyroar is always seen following Lysandre, helping him in ways he can. ItHe is a serious and a very tight challenger. Pyroar has seemingly high temperament against others, except itshis owner. When Pyroar distracted the battling [[Alain]]'s Mega {{TP|Alain|Charizard}} X and [[Steven]]'s Mega {{TP|Steven|Metagross}}, and the two Pokémon reacted to ithim, Pyroar snarled furiously at them, owing to itshis fiery nature.
==Moves used==

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