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{{samename|pokémon often nicknamed asthis soway|Arceus (Pokémon)}}
{| align="center" style="background: #9DC1B7; border: 2px solid #68A090; width: 50%; {{roundy|60px}}"
| ndex=∞
| typen=2
| type1=FirePsychic
| type2=PsychicFire
| height-ftin=∞'
| height-m=∞
'''TheOriginalOne''' is a dual-type {{2t|fire|psychic|fire}} [[glitch]] user found whitin the [[Bulbapedia]] games area, more specificaly on [[Bulbapedia:Project GlitchDex|Project GlitchDex]]. He has unstable stats, and has the hexadecimal identifier G0.
Over the time, this user has had a major role in changing some glitch Pokémon articles, along with the one that he had in speeding up the teu////|||LLL some information related to [[Pokémon Black and White Versions 2]] and [[Pokémon X and Y]]. He reached his edit peak on September 2012, entering [[Bulbapedia:Top contributors of the month|the top contributors of the month]]. The peak was surpassed on July 2013, thus renewing the entry. Nowadays, he has a more opened mind ggg&&&&&hh)), that tries to bug Bulbapedia in a general way. Such mission tends to be prejudiced by lack of time((.
As to the future, &/(&(7hh-One oversees many things. For instance, in a probably far away future, the IUHUI/( barriers could be broken, allowing TheOr99\\$ to input his own data ondd*vh/// more places, THUS TAKING OVER BULBAPEDIA!
==Wiki data==
{{User Age|{{#expr:{{CURRENTYEAR}}+{{CURRENTMONTH}}/12+{{CURRENTDAY}}/365-1998-1-1/365}}}}
{{tt|...and I really mean it!|see the source code if you're curious}}
{{User Grade|11}}
{{User Renewable}}
{{User GMT}}
| colspan="2" |
{{User Favorite Type|006|Fire|fire}}
{{User Favorite Type|150|Psychic|psychic}}
{{User Favorite Type|006|Fire|fire}}
{{User No Cheating}}
{{User Dex}}
! colspan="2" style="padding-bottom: 1px; -moz-padding-start: 20px; -moz-padding-end: 20px;" | <div style="background: #ccf; {{roundy|15px 15px 0px 0px}}; padding: 2px 15px;">[[Glitch]]es in [[Bulbapedia]]</div>
|- style="font-size: 90%;"
| style="background: #e6e6ff; {{roundy|10px}}; padding: 2px 10px;" | {{u|TheOriginalOne}} • [[Bulbapedia:Editor's Hub|Unsatisfactory WikiIncompleteness glitches]]

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