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Gateon Port

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|name=Gateon Port
|jptrans=AioIo Port
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'''Gateon Port''' (Japanese: '''アイオポート''' ''AioIo Port'') is a seaside city in northwestern [[Orre]]. It first appeared in [[Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness]], and it is one of the first areas accessible in Pokémon XD. Gateon is a thriving port city frequented by [[Mr. Verich]], with a tall lighthouse at the entrance to the harbor. [[Citadark Isle]] can be reached from here by way of the [[Robo Kyogre]].
Gateon is home to the {{p|Krabby}} Club, a bar featuring performing acts, and the lone [[Herb Shop]] in Pokémon XD. Due to the location being a port, the majority of Trainers here are {{tc|Sailor}}s.
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| Japanese
| アイオポート ''AioIo Port''
| From the mineral ''{{wp|Cordierite|iolite}}''. May also be from 青い ''aoi'' (blue).
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