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In other languages: Hindi title
===Dub edits===
* In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, Temacu's name is changed to Temako, to avoid a profanity in the end of her name.
* Hungama TV Hindi dub in {{pmin|India}} was heavily edited, like the thought of love was changed to being just closest friend and the explanation to Temacu's behaviour was completely removed.
* The Hungama TV dub also started the eipsode directly from the title card, skipping the parts of the episode before it.
==In other languages==
|es_eu={{tt|Brock, el rompecorazones|Brock, the heartbreaker}}
|pl={{tt|Brock ma złamane serce|Brock is heartbroken}}
|hi={{tt|फीर एक बार हूई Brock की हार! {{tt|''Phir Ek baar huyi Brock ki haar!''|Once again, Brock failed}} {{tt|*|Hungama TV}}

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