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===Why I Like Pokémon===
Now you'll probably think that because I am a girl, I like pokémon because of all the cute little pokémon out there like [[Piplup]]. Well far from it! No, I am not one of those girls that fall for the power of the cute side. There is nothing cute about a fluffy little kitten to me. I am far more of a tom boy than a girl that would just do anything to cuddle a little puppy. I prefer the creatures that would be considered, er, less cuddly... Like reptiles for one example. I just love crocodiles and the now extinct dinosaurs. I also adore the mythical dragons and griffins. That said, I like pretty much all animals. There are no animals that I just hate and there aren't any least favourite animals for me. As said before in the 'About Moi' section, I do not like the anime of pokémon very much. I did used to like the older anime of pokémon. Back when the 151 original pokémon were the only pokémon in existence, the anime seemed a little less childish for me. I really think the anime has gone down hill since then. Now, I am sorry if you are an anime lover and are offended by what I am saying, but this is just my opinion on the anime. The anime always follows the same old routine, [[Ash]] and co meet a new pokémon (well, this normally happens, doesn't always), [[Team Rocket|team rocket]] come and steal Pikachu and/or other pokémon, Pikachu thunderbolts team rocket, team rocket say they are blasting off again, Ash and co go off in search of new pokémon or to find another gym, some moral is learnt in the episode that has probably been learnt before. So I really have no interest in the anime what so ever. However, I do enjoy most of the pokémon games. Okay, now I have to admit that many pokémon games are repetitive, but addictive. For me, catching pokémon, training pokémon, trading pokémon and battling pokémon is just plain fun while it lasts. I also like many of the spin-off pokémon games as well though. I liked the mystery dungeon games, although I know many didn't think they were too good due to their terrible graphics and repetitive nature. But in my opinion, what more can you expect from nintendo? The pokémon company always recycles things in their games and never have the most breathtaking of graphics either. Not that I am saying they make bad games, they must be getting somewhere after all considering pokémon is the second best selling nintendo game series falling only behind Mario. One of the things I love about the pokémon games is their replay value, at least for me anyway. They are some games like [[pokémon ranger]] that once I have played through, I don't want to play through again. But then there are other like the mystery dungeon games and the main series games that I will always go back to again and again... Eventually... I also like collecting the trading cards, but only collecting them, I never really play the game. But I have to admit that the main reason for me loving pokémon so much is because of the pokémon themselves. I have liked pokémon ever since I was four years old, and now I am fourteen. I don't know how much longer I will love pokémon for, but I still adore it now so it may be for some time yet.
===Current Team On Pearl===

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