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Deep Colosseum

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'''Deep Colosseum''' (Japanese: '''ボトムコロシアム''' ''Bottom Colosseum'') is a Colosseum located under [[The Under]]. After the main storyline of {{g|Colosseum}} has ended, [[Wes]] can challenge [[Gonzap]] at the [[Snagem Hideout]]. After his defeat, he grants him a [[D-Disk]] that will allow access to the Deep Colosseum.
Unlike the other three Colosseums in Story Mode, which feature four rotating sets of four trainers, the Deep Colosseum incorporates five. The finale of each challenge of this Colosseum is a {{tc|Cipher Admin}}, starting with Miror B., then going in the order they were defeated during the course of the game: [[Dakim]], [[Venus]], [[Ein]]. This also allows another chance for the player to snag their [[Shadow Pokémon]]. After all of them have been defeated, [[Agnol|a final Cipher member]], nicknamed the "Deep King" appears, who has a [[Shadow Pokémon|Shadow]] {{p|Shuckle}}.
This Colosseum has possibly some of the strongest Trainers and valuable prizes. After all of the Cipher admins have been defeated once more, the Colosseum can continue to be challenged, with high rewards.

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