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Rotom (Pokémon)

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*When it possesses a {{wp|lawn mower|lawnmower}} it becomes '''Mow Rotom''', and is {{2t|Electric|Grass}}.
Depending on the game, its form can be changed at will in [[Rotom's Room]] in the [[Team Galactic Eterna Building]], Rotom's Room in [[Silph Co.]], the store room in [[Shopping Mall Nine]], on the second floor of [[Professor Sycamore]]'s Lab in [[Lumiose City]], or in [[Professor Birch]]'s Lab in [[Littleroot Town]].
In Generation IV, it was {{2t|Electric|Ghost}} regardless of its form.
In [[Pokémon Adventures]], Rotom is a [[legendary Pokémon]]. It first appeared at the [[Old Chateau]] where it caused havoc for {{adv|Diamond}} and {{adv|Pearl}} until Diamond understood that it only wanted to return in its plasma television and led it there.
It then appeared again when Diamond and Pearl returned to the Old Chateau to try to protect it from [[Charon]]. Like in its previous appearance, Rotom caused havoc for the boys and ran away to the [[Team Galactic Eterna Building]] where it transformed into its 5 forms and attacked them. Eventually Diamond found out it was just trying to play with them and bonded with it. After telling Rotom of their plan to protect it, Rotom decided to join them.
During the subsequent fight against Charon and {{p|Giratina}}, Rotom initially joined the battle transforming into its five forms, then left the fighting to the other legendary Pokémon only to strike at the very last, destroying Charon's device that allowed him to control every Pokémon and thus putting an end to his evil plans.

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