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Adam (AG094)

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'''Adam ''' (Japanese: '''ソウヤ''' ''Sōya'') was a [[character of the day]] in ''[[AG094|The Relicanth Really Can!]]''.
Adam is a treasure-hunter who searches the sea for valuable artifacts. Some of the items he collects include [[shard]]s and old Pokémon shells. He was looking for the treasure of a ship when {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} met him. He took the group into his submarine, and with the help of his wife {{ho|Evelyn}} from their boat above, Adam and the others set out to find the hidden treasure.
They found the ship after following a {{p|Relicanth}} and being sucked in by a whirlpool. When they found the ship, they discovered the treasure inside of it. The group wanted to take the treasure, but {{TRT}} took it instead and destroyed the ship. After making their getaway, they blocked the entrance to the sea cave. The Relicanth, however, knew a different way out, which allowed Ash and friends to escape and pursue Team Rocket. The Relicanth defeated Team Rocket and Adam had his treasure, though it was different from what he expected. While he thought gold or other precious jewels could be inside, the treasure chest only contained green shards. Although disappointed, Evelyn pointed out they could use them to make jewelry, which made Adam feel a bit better.
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* His name and his wife's name may come from {{wp|Adam and Eve}}.
* He couldmight have somebeen connectionbased tooff of the [[Diving Treasure Hunter]].
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