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→‎Move Replacement in the Day Care: should have been "would gain"
m (→‎Move Replacement in the Day Care: should have been "would gain")
On the [[Talk:Pok%C3%A9mon_breeding#Breeding_moves_glitch.3F|breeding talk page]], there was discussion of Pokémon forgetting moves. It was discovered that a Pokémon's moveset isn't updated until it is withdrawn from the daycare, meaning it can pass on moves which would be overwritten if it were to be withdrawn immediately after picking up the egg.
I hypothesize that the Day Care functions like a mini PC box, but when you talk to the Day Care Lady, a special script runs which checks the step tally and checks that number against the EXP of any stored Pokémon. If the number of steps would result in a level gain, it would subtract the difference and run again until no more levels are gained, and finally if any Pokémon havewould gainedgain levels, report them to the player. If you choose to withdraw a Pokémon, it is at that point when the changes are actually applied, meaning EXP is added, levels gained, and moves replaced. Can anyone think of a way to check/verify this through testing? --[[User:GARY-DOS|GARY-DOS]] ([[User talk:GARY-DOS|talk]]) 05:02, 7 January 2015 (UTC)



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