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Magmortar vs Electivire Deck Kit (TCG)

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The kit consists of two {{TCG|Half deck}}s based on {{p|Magmortar}} and {{p|Electivire}}. With the delayed release of several Pokémon from [[Shining Darkness]] in English due to movie ties, a number of cards from this kit were included in the {{TCG|Secret Wonders}} expansion. Magmortar and Electivire also inspired the basis for the accompanying {{TCG|Theme Deck}}s {{TCG|Lavaflow}} and {{TCG|Powerhouse}} respectively; the special [[Holofoil]] versions of these cards were also included in these Theme decks. The remaining cards were subsequently released over the course of the next two Diamond & Pearl-era expansions, {{TCG|Great Encounters}} and {{TCG|Majestic Dawn}}.
Pokémon cards {{TCG|Delibird}}, {{TCG|Latias}} and {{TCG|Latios}} feature different artwork to the versions released in {{TCG|Moonlit Pursuit/Dawn Dash}}. These versions were later printed in English in {{TCG|POP Series 7}}. {{TCG|Trainer card}}s {{TCG|Energy Search}}, {{TCG|Poké Ball}} and {{TCG|Warp Point}} also feature new artwork. The English versions were released in {{TCG|Majestic Dawn}}.
Like other deck kits, the Magmortar vs Electivire Deck Kit also includes a rulebook, {{DL|Glossary (TCG)|Damage|damage counters}}, {{TCG|Special Conditions|status counters}}, anda {{TCG|Coin|custom coin}}, and {{DL|Glossary (TCG)|Field|playmat}}.
==Card lists==

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