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Evolution stone

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List of stones: Leaf Stone on Route 119. Official Guide book and Route 119's page.
|locb2w2={{DL|Phenomenon|Dust cloud}}s, {{rt|7|Unova}}, [[Lostlorn Forest]], [[Battle Subway]], [[PWT]], [[White Forest]], [[Join Avenue]] ({{DL|Join Avenue|Antique Shop}})
|locxy=[[Lumiose City]] ({{DL|Lumiose City|Stone Emporium}}), {{rt|8|Kalos}}, [[Laverre City]], [[Super Training#Secret Super Training|Secret Super Training]] (The Leaf Stone Cup Begins!), [[PokéMileage Club]] (Balloon Popping, Lv. 3), {{rt|18|Kalos}} (from Psychic Inver), [[Natural objects|Spiky Rock 2]] (in battles; using {{m|Hyper Voice}} or {{m|Rock Slide}})
|locmdrb=[[Wish Cave]] shops
|locconquest={{DL|Pokémon Conquest|Traveling merchant}}

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