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|vajp=Kiyotaka Furushima
|vaen=Billy Bob Thompson
|desc={{p|FrogadierGreninja}} is Sanpei's only known Pokémon. It was first seen as a {{p|Frogadier}} sitting on a branch, which made Ash decided to look for its Trainer. After meeting Sanpei, Ash used his {{AP|Froakie}} to battle Frogadier, but was defeated because Frogadier was too fast to keep up with. Frogadier aided Froakie in its training to learn Quick Attack. Frogadier showed its various techniques, such as jumping quickly from spot to spot and quickly running across the surface of the water. Eventually {{TRT}} attacked with a giant ninja robot, which Frogadier and Froakie teamed up to defeat with a double Water Pulse. Afterwards it said its farewells to Froakie and the group as it and Sanpei went on their way.
It reappeared in [[XY052]], as a Greninja.
FrogadierGreninja's known moves are {{m|Smokescreen}}, {{m|Quick Attack}}, {{m|Bubble}}, {{m|Water Pulse}}, {{m|Double Team}}, and {{m|Water Shuriken}}.}}
==Voice actors==

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