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Tangela (Aquapolis 112)

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==Triviae-Reader data==
*TicklingThis Vinescard's ID is similarD-08-#. toThe {{m|Tickle}},short astrip contains [[movePokédex]] laterinformation, introduceda inbrief [[Generationcard III]]summary, and information on the content thatof {{p|Tangela}}the canlong learnstrip.
*The dot code===Pokédex data on this card contains one fifth of the data required to play the [[e-Reader]] application [[Harvest Time]].===
{{Carddex |
type=Grass |
name=Tangela |
species=Vine |
ndex=114 |
height=3'03" |
jheight=1.0 |
weight=77.0 |
jweight=35.0 |
dex=During battle, it constantly moves the vines that cover its body in order to annoy its opponent. |
jdex=ぜんしんを すきまなく おおう ツルは たたかいのとき やすまずに うごいて みるものを いらだたせる。 |
The long strip contains data for the [[Harvest Time]] mini-game. Four other cards from the {{TCG|Aquapolis}} expansion are also required to play it.
{{m|Double Kick}} is a [[move]] in the [[Pokémon games]]; however, though {{p|Tangela}} cannot learn it. This card's [[e-Reader]] Pokédex entry comes from {{game|Crystal}}.
{{Project TCG notice}}

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