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Back at Lilycove, Steven talks to the [[blind boy]] about the problem with translating the slab. The other members of the Elite Four continue to try and awaken {{p|Regirock}}, {{p|Regice}}, and {{p|Registeel}} with their Pokémon, but are unable to. Frustrated, they demand that Steven hurry up and tell them how to awaken the three Pokémon. With the {{key|III|Devon Scope}}, [[Phoebe]] tries to scan the slab.
Having no time remaining, Steven tells everyone to abandon the plan and go to Sootopolis. Steven decides to go first, and tells [[Sidney]], [[Glacia]], and {{EF|[[Drake}}]] to stay their course, and for Phoebe to bring the slab to him. Seeing that the blind boy is disappointed, Phoebe cheers him up by stating that his efforts won't go to waste. Both Steven and Phoebe head off on top of Steven's {{p|Metang}} and {{pTP|Steven|Metagross}}.
In [[Sootopolis City]], [[Gabby and Ty]] ride on {{p|Absol}}'s back in attempt to escape the explosion engulfing the island. [[Wallace]] attempts to escape in his aircar, while [[Winona]]'s {{p|Altaria}} carries its unconscious Trainer away. {{adv|Ruby}} is engulfed in a huge bright light. Riding on his Metagross, Steven approaches Sootopolis City, only to be overwhelmed by the extreme power being emitted by the island. Because of the massive energy being shot out, the sea and earth begin exploding wildly, forcing Steven to defend himself with Metagross' {{m|Reflect}}. As the energy continues to push back {{p|Groudon}} and {{p|Kyogre}}, Steven sees a figure in the explosion and goes to rescue it.
==Major events==
* The massive explosion of energy continues to engulf [[Sootopolis City|Sootopolis]].
* [[{{Steven]]}} decides to abandon his plan and help in [[Sootopolis City|Sootopolis]].
* Upon arriving, [[Steven]] meets {{adv|Sapphire}}, who gives him the letter [[Mr. Stone]] wrote to Steven.
* With the letter, [[Steven]] figures out the way to awaken {{p|Regirock}}, {{p|Regice}}, and {{p|Registeel}}.
* {{tc|Swimmer}}
* [[Blind boy]]
* {{EF|[[Drake}}]]
* [[Steven Stone]]
* [[Sidney]]
* {{p|Metagross}} ({{OP|Steven's|Metagross}})
* {{p|Torkoal}} (Tabitha's)
* {{p|Shelgon}} (Drake's)

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