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| name='M
[[File:RBGlitchName00.png|link=]] is a dual-type {{2t|Bird|Normal}} [[glitch Pokémon]].
[[File:RBGlitchName00.png|link=]] is often called the "sister" glitch counterpart to [[Missingno.]] due to a similar sprite, and is found exclusively in {{game|Red and Blue|s}}. If [[File:RBGlitchName00.png|link=]] is traded to {{game|Yellow}}, it will become a [[3TrainerPoké $]], but when Missingno. is traded to the Yellow version, it stays as Missingno. (although it will behave differently than the Red/Blue Missingno., such as the fact that it will change to its [[Missingno.#Yellow Form|Yellow form]]).
Although it seems at first glance to be like [[Missingno.]], they are actually different glitch Pokémon with many differences by virtue of having different index numbers; for example, [[File:RBGlitchName00.png|link=]] can evolve into {{p|Kangaskhan}} while Missingno. cannot. Missingno.'s cry differs between a shortened version of {{p|Nidoran♂}}'s cry, {{p|Ditto}}'s cry, and {{p|Dragonair}}'s cry, whereas [[File:RBGlitchName00.png|link=]]'s cry is a slightly different version of {{p|Zapdos}}'s cry. [[File:RBGlitchName00.png|link=]]'s similarities with [[Missingno.]] are a result of coincidentally sharing the Pokédex number.



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