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List of references to Pokémon in popular culture

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| rowspan="56" | ''{{wp|Robot Chicken}}''
| ''Cracked China''
| style="text-align:left;" | A skit titled "Pikachu Secret" in the episode parodies the anime. In its running time of 62 seconds, things happen such as Ash wondering when Misty is going to "shut up and make dinner", {{Gary}} calling Ash "ass", and Ash's Pikachu {{wp|Grinding (dance)|grinding}} another while inside its Poké Ball.
| ''Walking Dead Lobster''
| style="text-align:left;" | A skit parodying the games involved {{wp|Michael Vick}} challenging Red (named Ash in this) to battle with a Rottweiler. Pikachu uses [[Thunder Shock]], lowering it to one HP, which leads to Vick torturing the dog to death. He is then arrested and eventually goes back to the NFL, with money raining down on him and "Vick Wins" in the text box, leaving Ash confused.
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| ''The Hobbit: There and Bennigan's''
| style="text-align:left;" | Ash and Misty are shown playing tennis, and Misty questions why they're playing with a Poké Ball. Ash says it's because Pikachu peed on his rug, and Pikachu then comes out of the Poké Ball and vomits from motion sickness.
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