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Pokémon Adventures volume 42

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* [[PS459|Round 459 - All About Arceus VIII]] {{tt|*|VIZ Media release only}}
* [[PS460|Round 460 - All About Arceus IX]] {{tt|*|VIZ Media release only}}
==Important Events==
* {{adv|Silver}} obtains {{p|Rhyperior}}.
* {{adv|Crystal}} encounters {{p|Arceus}}, and makes an attempt to capture it.
* {{adv|Silver}} gathers all sixteen plates.
* {{adv|Gold}}, {{adv|Silver}}, and {{adv|Crystal}} enter the [[Sinjoh Ruins]].
* Petrel reveals he knows that Silver is Giovanni's son.
* {{p|Arceus}} creates {{p|Dialga}}, {{p|Palkia}}, and {{p|Giratina}}.
===VIZ edition only===
* [[Lance]], [[Pryce]], and {{adv|Giovanni}} battle and defeat the [[Creation trio]].
* [[Pryce]] was chosen by {{p|Celebi}} to exit the [[Ilex Forest]] Shrine and participate in the battle.
* {{adv|Gold}} battles {{p|Arceus}} alone.
* {{adv|Gold}}'s {{p|Togepi}} evolves into {{p|Togetic}}, and then {{p|Togekiss}}.
* {{p|Togepi}}'s [[evolution]] calms {{p|Arceus}}'s anger, because his [[friendship]] with {{adv|Gold}} restores {{p|Arceus}}'s faith in humans.
* [[Petrel]] had defeated [[Lance]] by disguising himself as {{adv|Yellow}}.
* {{adv|Silver}} becomes interested in [[Proteam Omega]].
==Party Changes==
* {{adv|Silver}} receives {{adv|Blue}}'s {{p|Rhyperior}} in exchange for his {{p|Ursaring}}.
* {{adv|Gold}}'s {{p|Togepi}} evolves into {{p|Togetic}}, and then {{p|Togekiss}}.

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