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Ambrette Town

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In the anime
In ''[[XY022|Going for the Gold!]]'', {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrived at Ambrette Town and were met with a spectacular view of the sea. As {{an|Bonnie}} and some of the group's {{p|Pokémon}} played in the ocean, {{an|Serena}} suggested that they should visit the Ambrette Aquarium. There they saw many species of {{t|Water}} Pokémon up close. Later they heard about the town's legend of a {{Shiny|Golden}} {{p|Magikarp}}, and helped the aquarium's director [[Louden]] fish for it. They didn't manage to catch it, but did catch a glimpse of it.
In ''[[XY023|Coming Back forinto the GoldCold!]]'', the group visited the fossil laboratory in Ambrette Town and got to meet an {{p|Amaura}} and an {{p|Aurorus}}.

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