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Volcarona: replaced: {{ball|Dusk}} → Dusk Ball
==Nuvema Town==
When you walk downstairs from your room, you meet your mom's "twin". The mystery guest takes off the disguise and introduces himself by his code name, [[Looker]], a member of the International Police. Thanks to you and the {{DL|Gym Leader|Unova League|Gym Leaders}}, [[Team Plasma]] has fallen, but the [[Seven Sages]] are still at large. He asks you to help track them down, and gives you an item which has nothing to do with your search, the {{DL|Fishing|[[Super Rod}}]], as thanks. Fish wherever you can to find not only stronger Pokémon, but also species foreign to the region.
Outside, [[Bianca]] and [[Cheren]] are waiting for you. Bianca apologizes for not alerting the Striaton Gym Leaders in time, and Cheren tells you that [[Ghetsis]] escaped from custody thanks to the [[Shadow Triad]]. He asks what everyone plans to do now, and Bianca says that she's headed to the settlement east of [[Nimbasa City]]. As the three of you discuss your plans, [[Cedric Juniper]] leaves the lab. He says that he just acquired new data from an acquaintance, and upgrades everyone's [[Pokédex]] with the National Mode! Everyone goes their separate ways, leaving you free to start hunting for the sages.
==The Dreamyard==
The obstacles are now gone, so you can now enter the basement. Some of the Trainers underground will run when you approach them. Wait around the corner, and talk to them from the side to battle them. Fight your way to the southwest part of the basement to find a {{DL|Type-enhancing[[Twisted itemSpoon|TwistedSpoon}}]], then climb up the stairs in the southeast.
Pick up the [[Revive]] to the west, then go south to find the next of the sages. Gorm jumps out from behind the wall, and tells you about [[Team Plasma]] and [[N's Castle]]. He gives you {{TM|75|Swords Dance}} before [[Looker]] shows up to arrest him. Head west to find a {{DL|Potion|[[Hyper Potion}}]], move the boulder to create a shortcut, and go back down to the basement to grab {{TM|85|Dream Eater}} from the north corner. On Fridays only, a {{p|Musharna}} will appear in the eastern patch of grass. This is the only Musharna that can have the [[{{DL|Ability|Hidden Abilities|Hidden Ability]]}} {{a|Telepathy}}, so make sure to catch it!
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* In a crate east of {{tc|Scientist}} Markus (hidden)
* In a crate north of {{tc|Psychic}} Rudolf (hidden)
* In a crate north of {{tc|Psychic}} Tommy (hidden)|BWBl=yes|displayW={{DL|Status ailment healing itemyes|display=[[Awakening}}]] ×3}}
{{itlistbodItemlist|TwistedSpoonTwisted Spoon|Southwest part of the basement|BWBl=yes|displayW={{DLyes|Type-enhancingdisplay=[[Twisted itemSpoon|TwistedSpoon}}]]}}
{{itlistbodItemlist|Revive|Northwest of Gorm's hiding spot|BWBl=yes|W=yes}}
{{itlistbodItemlist|TM Normal|Gift from Gorm of the Seven Sages|BWBl=yes|W=yes|display={{TM|75|Swords Dance}}}}
{{itlistbodItemlist|Hyper Potion|Southwest of the boulder|BWBl=yes|displayW={{DL|Potion|Hyper Potion}}yes}}
{{itlistbodItemlist|Max Potion|In the barrels south of the boulder (hidden)|BWBl=yes|displayW={{DL|Potion|Max Potion}}yes}}
{{itlistbodItemlist|TM Psychic|In the basement's northwest corner|BWBl=yes|W=yes|display={{TM|85|Dream Eater}}}}
===The Royal Unova===
Trainers can board the [[Royal Unova]] in the evening. If you defeat a certain number of Trainers on board, you can get a prize. The challenge and prize change dependingdepend on the day of the week. Talk to the crew to get hints on where the Trainers are. You can climb the stairs to the deck to view the sun setting. Whistles blow several times, and eventually the ship will return to port. Beat the Trainers within the time limit to earn your reward!
{| width="30%" align="center" style="background: #485CC2; {{roundy}}; border: 3px solid #1E3F94;"
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | Sunday
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | Seven people
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | {{bag|Rare Candy}} {{DL|Vitaminbag2|Rare Candy}}
|- align="center"
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | Monday
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | Four people
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | {{bag|Lava Cookie}} {{DL|Status ailment healing itembag2|Lava Cookie}}
|- align="center"
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | Tuesday
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | Three people
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | {{bag|Berry Juice}} {{DL|Drinkbag2|Berry Juice}}
|- align="center"
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | Wednesday
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | Four people
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | {{bag|Lava Cookie}} {{DL|Status ailment healing itembag2|Lava Cookie}}
|- align="center"
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | Thursday
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | Five people
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | {{bag|Old Gateau}} {{DL|Status ailment healing itembag2|Old Gateau}}
|- align="center"
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | Friday
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | Four people
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | {{bag|Lava Cookie}} {{DL|Status ailment healing itembag2|Lava Cookie}}
|- align="center"
| style="background: #FFFFFF; {{roundybl}};" | Saturday
| style="background: #FFFFFF;" | Six people
| style="background: #FFFFFF; {{roundybr}};" | {{bagbag2|Rage Candy Bar|RageCandyBar}} [[RageCandyBar]]
==Desert Resort==
When you try to enter the [[Relic Castle]], [[Professor Juniper]] is just leaving the ruins. The professor was researching these ancient Pokémon statues, which are actually {{p|Darmanitan}} in a {{a|Zen Mode|meditative state}}. She gives you a [[Rage Candy Bar|RageCandyBar]] to wake one of them up. The candy bar is a one-time-use item, so to wake the others, you'll need to earn one from the [[Royal Unova]] on a Saturday.
===Relic Castle===
[[File:Relic Castle BWB7F Volcarona Room BWB2W2.png|thumb|Volcarona's room]]
{| class="expandable" align="center" style="background: #{{white color}}; {{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{black color}};"
{{itlistbodItemlist|RageCandyBarRage Candy Bar|From [[Professor Juniper]] at the castle entrance|BWBl=yes|W=yes|display=[[Rage Candy Bar|RageCandyBar]]}}
{{itlistbodItemlist|PP Max|Tower B3F; the lowest sand-covered floor (hidden)|BWBl=yes|displayW={{DL|Vitamin|PP Max}}yes}}
{{itlistbodItemlist|TM Ground|1F; the highest room in the Relic Castle Tower|BWBl=yes|W=yes|display={{TM|26|Earthquake}}}}
{{itlistbodItemlist|TM Psychic|Gift from Ryoku of the Seven Sages|BWBl=yes|W=yes|display={{TM|04|Calm Mind}}}}
Go north from Ryoku's room to reach the deepest part of the [[Relic Castle]]. At the back of the room is {{p|Volcarona}}, a {{2t|Bug|Fire}}-type. Volcarona can't be found in the wild, though you can evolve one from the {{p|Larvesta}} Egg you got on {{rt|18|Unova}}. Wear down its health with {{t|Water}}- and {{type|Flying}} attacks first, then chip away with {{t|Bug}}- or {{type|Grass}} moves. Watch out for its stat-raising {{m|Quiver Dance}}, and toss a few {{DL|Poké Ball|[[Dusk Ball}}]]s to capture it.
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