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People who have translated Pokésav: English translations by various (GSD/CadaGuti/fenzo666/coolbho3k), Dutch translation by Grovyle91, French translation by fenzo666 (D/P) and GruntZ (Platinum), German translation by mountarreat. English translation for Pokésav HGSS by CloneCharizard.
A new version of Pokésav was released compatible with {{2v2|Black|White}}. This version has been fully translated into English by jsparrow<!--Clone's 0.06c is still incomplete-->. As of 25 May 2014 the latest English version, along with Japanese, and Dutch for {{2v2|Black|White}} is 0.06c. This version does not edit Gym Badges. With the increasing use of PokeGen and Japan's internet piracy laws, there have been no new versions from COM, the name of the japaneseJapanese creator, since.
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