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[[Pretty Wing]]s will regenerate in at least two places periodically: One in a bush immediately south of the Pokémon Center in [[Couriway Town]] and one beneath the tire in the Pokémon Village.
In [[Generation VI]], {{DL|Evolution-inducing held item|Prism Scale}}s will randomly regenerate (although it remainremains sinvisibleinvisible) in the middle square of grass in the waterfall above [[Couriway Town]].
An {{DL|Evolution-inducing held item|Oval Stone}} will periodically regenerate in the [[{{kal|Unknown Dungeon]]}} in Kalos along the left-middle stalagmite.
A {{DL|ExchangeableValuable item|TinyMushroomTiny Mushroom}} will regrow occasionally in the farthest-right mushroom stalk in [[Laverre City]].
As in Generation V along the beaches in Unova, items will randomly wash up on the beaches in Kalos, including along Routes 8 and 9 and in [[Shalour City]]. As in Unova, some of these may include but are not limited to, {{DL|Valuable item|Pearl}}s, {{DL|Valuable item|Stardust}}s and {{DL|Exchangeable item|Heart Scale}}s.
*There is a {{tc|Fisherman}} in the "Hip Waders" club on the [[Village Bridge]] who will give the player {{ball|Dive}}s once per day for showing him the requested {{type|Water}} Pokémon, with the condition that it must have been caught that day.
*A {{tc|Parasol Lady}} outside of the [[Tubeline Bridge]] gate on {{rt|8|Unova}} will give the player one rock depending on the time of day: a {{DL|In-battle effect item|Damp Rock}} in the morning, {{DL|In-battle effect item|Heat Rock}} during the day, {{DL|In-battle effect item|Smooth Rock}} in the evening and {{DL|In-battle effect item|Icy Rock}} at night.
*The player may take {{DL|Icirrus City|Aha, Wye, and Ditoh's house|Aha}}'s Pep Quiz once per day in [[Icirrus City]]. If correct, the player receives an {{DL|Status ailmentcondition healing item|Antidote}}. If incorrect, the player receives a {{DL|Status ailmentcondition healing item|Parlyz Heal}}.
* A {{tc|businessman}} in [[Lacunosa Town]] will give the player one of a selection of Berries on either {{DL|Days of the week|Sunday 5|Sunday}} night{{sup/5|BW}} or {{DL|Days of the week|Monday 6|Monday}} and {{DL|Days of the week|Thursday 6|Thursday}} nights{{sup/5|B2W2}}.
*Lastly, the player may receive a {{DL|Drink|Soda Pop}} once every {{DL|Days of the week|Wednesday 5|Wednesday}} by speaking to the {{tc|waitress}} inside the door of the {{DL|Nacrene City|Café Warehouse}} in [[Nacrene City]].
In {{2v2|Black|White|2}},
*Two scientists in the [[Castelia Sewers]] will give the player one healing item, randomly selected, per day if spoken to. The female, accessible in all seasons, will give the player either a [[{{DL|Potion]]|Potion}}, {{DL|Potion|Super Potion}}, or [[{{DL|Revive]]|Revive}} and the male scientist, accessible only in {{DL|Seasons|Spring}} and {{DL|Seasons|Summer}}, will give the player an {{DL|Status ailmentcondition healing item|Antidote}}, {{DL|Status ailmentcondition healing item|Full Heal}}, or {{DL|Potion|Full Restore}}.
*Once per day the player may volunteer to walk the {{tc|Madame|Socialite}}'s {{p|Mienfoo}} in [[Humilau City]] and will be rewarded with a {{DL|Valuable item|Pearl}} for their troubles.
In {{pkmn|X and Y}},
*A woman travellingtraveling from Hotel to Hotel will give the Playerplayer's lead Pokémon an Emotion Ribbon once per day.
*A Maid in the northwest house in [[Camphrier Town]] will give the player a [[Sweet Heart]] each day.
*In that same house in [[Camphrier Town]], the man will give the player one of the five condition-curing [[Berries]] ([[Cheri Berry{{b|Cheri]]}}, [[Chesto Berry{{b|Chesto]]}}, [[Pecha Berry{{b|Pecha]]}}, [[Rawst Berry{{b|Rawst]]}}, or [[Aspear Berry{{b|Aspear]]}}) when shown a Pokémon of the requested type.
*In [[Ambrette Town]], a [[{{tc|Punk]] Guy}} beside the Museum will make a trade with the Playerplayer of a Poké Ball for a Dive Ball once per day.
*Also in [[Ambrette Town]], a girl in the left-hand house will give the Playerplayer a [[{{DL|Wing|Health Wing]]}} when shown a Pokémon with the requested Speed value or higher.
*In [[Coumarine City]], Tierno waits on the cliff above the Pokémon Center and will give the Playerplayer a [[{{DL|Exchangeable item|Heart Scale]]}} when shown a Pokémon with either {{m|Fiery Dance}}, {{m|Quiver Dance}}, {{m|Lunar Dance}}, {{m|Teeter Dance}}, {{m|Petal Dance}}, {{m|Swords Dance}}, {{m|Feather Dance}} or {{m|Dragon Dance}}.
*A stand on the seaside part of [[Coumarine City]] will have one of the following condition-curing Berries left on it each day: Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, or Aspear.
*A girl beside the Café in [[Laverre City]] will give the Playerplayer a [[{{DL|Escape item|Poké Doll]]}} once per day if shown a Pokémon 10' tall or taller.
*A young man beside the gate in [[Laverre City]] will give the Playerplayer a [[{{DL|Escape item|Poké Doll]]}} once per day if shown a Pokémon 0.8" or smaller.
*A girl in the house southwest of the windmill in [[Dendemille Town]] will give the Playerplayer a [[Leppa Berry]] once per day if shown the requested TM.
*A young girl in the Poké Ball Emporium in [[Lumiose City]] will give the Playerplayer either several [[{{ball|Heal Ball]]}}s or one [[{{ball|Luxury Ball]]}} once per day if her question is answered in the affirmative.
*The Loto-ID Center in [[Lumiose City]] will provide the Playerplayer with one of the following Items once per day depending upon how many numerals of the Playerplayer's PokèmonPokémon's ID numbers match: MooMooMoomoo Milk for one digit, PP Up for two digits, PP Max for three digits, Rare Candy for four digits, and finally a Master Ball for all five digits.
===Fake items===
* '''[[Key item]]s''' - Special items that players can only obtain once, that either aid the progression of the storyline or traveling. They rarely have anything to do with the player's Pokémon and are mostly specific to the game. These types of item include Tickets, Keys, and the popular [[Bicycle]]. Key items can never be discarded, however, certain items will disappear from the player's Bag during storyline events.
* '''[[Held item]]s''' - Items that can be held by a Pokémon, then used by them in some way. There are many varieties of these.
* '''[[Berry|{{Berries]]}}''' - The items were introduced in [[Generation II]], and expanded upon in [[Generation III]] with the creation of many different types of Berries, as well as adding a separate Bag slot for them.
The preceding basic classification holds mostly true for Generations II and III. However, in [[Generation IV]], items have been arranged into further categories. New categories include Medicine, Battle Items, and Mail. [[Generation I]] did not have any form of categories in the Bag (as it held a very limited number of items), though the categories can still apply.
===Held items===
{{main|Held item}}
Since [[Generation II]], certain items have been able to be held by Pokémon to heal or to enhance their power. Healing items can be used in battle without taking up a turn, but must be natural for them to work. Artificial items such as [[Potion]]s and {{DL|Status ailmentcondition healing item|Full Heal}}s cannot be used by Pokémon during battle. Held items also have other uses, such as an aid to evolve during trading or battle. [[Mail]] was also introduced as a hold item, in which players could send customizable messages with their Pokémon upon trading.
==In the TCG==

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