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Day Six of the Millennium Comet
====Day Six of the Millennium Comet====
The gang arrives at [[Forina]], Jirachi's home placehomeland. Many other Pokémon liveslive there, such as Nuzleaf, Breloom, Tropius, Linoone, Flygon, and Altaria etc... TheMay gang is then greeted by Absol, showing them Forina. Diane explains that Jirachi will collect energy fromfolds the cometsixth and use it to keep Forina's beauty alive. May clears 'Day 6panel of theher WishingWish Star'Maker and the gang prepares to sleep..., everyone except Max, who knows tomorrow he and Jirachi will separatepart. He plans to remain awake and play with Jirachi when everyone else has fallen asleep, however he drops off to sleep when May sings the lullaby.
====Day Seven of the Millennium Comet====

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