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Aeroblast (move)

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* Aeroblast and {{m|Spacial Rend}} are variations of one another, and are the [[signature move]]s of the [[version mascot]]s of games in the first two even-numbered generations: {{gen|II}} and {{gen|IV}}, respectively.
* In Generation II, the anime, and the second Pokémon movie, Aeroblast is portrayed as one or more beams of destructive energy. However, starting from Generation III and the ''Super Smash Bros.'' series, Aeroblast is depicted as a concentrated, hurricane-like vortex stream.
* Aeroblast is the only Flying-type move introduced in Generation II, discounting the type change of {{m|Gust}}. It shares a similar trait with {{m|Oblivion Wing}}, which is the only Flying-type move introduced in [[Generation VI]]<!--so far-->.
** In addition, both of them are [[signature move]]s of [[legendary Pokémon]] introduced in even-numbered generations.

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