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Errors: It wasn't even inferred that Max was talking about the opponent using rest.
* When {{Ash}} explains how to get rid of {{p|Snorlax}} from the garden, {{an|May}}'s socks were missing.
* [[Max]] mentionssays that {{mp|RestSnorlax}} canis bethe preventedbiggest byPokémon {{a|Vitalhe's Spirit}}.ever Vitalseen, Spirit does not preventdespite the opponentfact fromhe usingsaw Rest,a but it does prevent the{{p|Wailord|larger Pokémon}} whichin has[[AG034|a itprevious from using Rest; it also makes Pokémon immune to {{m|Yawn}}episode]].
* Max says that {{p|Snorlax}} is the biggest Pokémon he's ever seen despite the fact he saw {{p|Wailord|a Pokémon bigger than Snorlax}} in [[AG034|an earlier episode]].
* When May gets out her Pokédex to look up Snorlax, she's shown wearing Ash's glove.

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