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Pokémon Fan Universe

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= Beginnings =
During its life it went through a number of host changes and one complete rewrite. Its first host was, there Shining Arcanine used a WYSIWYG editor to design and create pages rather inefficently. It had little content and didn't gain much popularity. It was also poorly written and after 2001, couldn't be published anywhere but on homestead due to the greed of Homestead's executives. After much work and a 1.5 year period of no activity due to sheer exhaustion, Shining Arcanine eventually met individuals such as Meowth346 and Pojo staff members who gave him advice. One particular Pojo staff member wrote a Digimon site, showing him what hard work can do over a summer while Meowth346 showed him something he had never before known before, writing webpages with standard HTML and CSS, the way websites are supposed to be written. Inspired by them, in September 2002, he set out to leave homestead and start Pokémon Fan Universe from scratch, written from the ground up by hand with proper HTML/CSS. This change set the groundwork for Pokémon Fan Universe's presentational code, code that is still used on Pokémon Fan Universe, even to today.
In October 2002, Shining Arcanine published his rewritten site on a webhost called AlwaysWebHosting. It flourished there while Meowth346 introduced Shining Arcanine to a server side scripting language known as PHP. Eager to make use of a potentially time saving code called PHP. He used it in a rather crude design (that still exists to this day in some parts of Pokémon Fan Universe) that merely included sidebars so that it would be possible for him to add new sections to Pokémon Fan Universe without editing every page like he did on homestead. Today, Pokémon Fan Universe has a world class PHP Pokédex that ranks among the finest in the world. In October 2002, Shining Arcanine was still writing his Pokédex by hand in HTML. Although certain elements laid the framework for a small portion of Pokémon Fan Universe's future Pokédex's presentational design, it was extremely unimpressive.

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