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Pokémon Fan Universe

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In October 2002, Shining Arcanine published his rewritten site on a webhost called AlwaysWebHosting. It flourished there while Meowth346 introduced Shining Arcanine to a server side scripting language known as PHP. Eager to make use of a potentially time saving code called PHP. He used it in a rather crude design (that still exists to this day in some parts of Pokémon Fan Universe) that merely included sidebars so that it would be possible for him to add new sections to Pokémon Fan Universe without editing every page like he did on homestead. Today, Pokémon Fan Universe has a world class PHP Pokédex that ranks among the finest in the world. In October 2002, Shining Arcanine was still writing his Pokédex by hand in HTML. Although certain elements laid the framework for a small portion of Pokémon Fan Universe's future Pokédex's presentational design, it was extremely unimpressive.
However, this soon changed. With a good heart that is always willing to help, Meowth346 suggested that the Pokédex be written in PHP. HeShining Arcanine tried to write a PHP Pokédex, but at first heinitially didn't grasp the main concepts of the language. So he continued writing his Pokédex by hand in html. Then after a few more conversations with Meowth346, he asked for help. That was the major turning point in Pokémon Fan Universe's history. Through AIM, Meowth346 helped him write his first script, a Pokédex. At first it was also rather unimpressive but lacking as it was, it did have an entry for all 251 Pokémon (as was then the number of known Pokémon in the world). And over time, Meowth346 helped him with content (moves and a few minor lists, which were greatly appreciated) and in doing so taught him the concept of his Pokédex's then current storage system (which was rather inefficent). After a few months of help a Pokédex started to take shape and Shining Arcanine could write content for it on his own. Then on March 16, 2003, the Pokédex went live and for the first first time in its history, Pokémon Fan Universe had unique visitors by the hundred.
Then about 8-11 months after arriving at Always Web Hosting rising with rising bandwidth costs, Shining Arcanine decided it was time for Pokémon Fan Universe to leave AlwaysWebHosting and go elsewhere. Pokémon Fan Universe's next host was The Forum Host, which sponsored Pokémon Fan Universe giving by it free webhosting in exchange for a text advertisement at the top of every page on Pokémon Fan Universe. Unfortunately months later, it went under and was taken over by another webhost, whose number is currently unknown but is believed to have also went under. Pokémon Fan Universe didn't stay until that happened through. After learning about 1&1 Webhosting, a webhost that was giving away free 3 year professional packages, Shining switched so that Pokémon Fan Universe could once again be ad-free in December 2003. Unfortunately 1&1's servers were insufficient to serve Pokémon Fan Universe's visitors so in January 2004 Pokémon fan Universe switched to a webhost that was created for the sole purpose of giving away cheap webhosting. It later evolved into A Small Orange Software, a commercial business but fortunately this provided Pokémon fan Universe with a reliable and inexpensive webhosting and fortunately was its last host move.

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