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Game-exclusive Pokémon

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{{color|{{black 2 color}}|Black 2}} {{color|000|and}} {{color|{{white 2 color dark}}|White 2}}
*While {{rt|12|Unova}} and [[Lostlorn Forest]] have wild {{p|Pinsir}} in White 2 and wild {{p|Heracross}} in Black 2 (without the other one), in the forest's [[Hidden Grotto]] (which isn't marked by Pokédex), both can appear, no matter the version.
*As in previous games, wild {{p|Huntail}} are exclusive to Black 2, while wild {{p|Gorebyss}} are exclusive to White 2, but {{p|Clamperl}} can be found and evolved in both games.
* When {{p|Genesect}} is [[Held item|holding]] a [[Drive]], the light on its cannon [[Form differences#Genesect|changes color]]. The Burn and Shock Drives are exclusive to Black 2, while the Douse and Chill Drives are exclusive to White 2, similar to the original games.
* White 2's counterpart to the {{Shiny}} {{p|Gible}} given away by [[Benga]] is a Shiny {{p|Dratini}}; however, Dratini's evolutionary line can be caught in the wild in both versions, whereas the Gible line cannot.
* Normally unavailable, Regice and Registeel can be caught in the Black 2 and White 2, respectively, after trading respective keys from game which has unlocked them. Initially, Regice's key is unlocked in White 2, and Registeel's in Black 2.
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