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:There is both a time and edit limit before you are able to create a userpage, keep at it and it'll become available to you. <span class="sc">[[User:Werdnae|<span style="color:#2D4B98;">Werdnae</span>]]</span> <small>[[User talk:Werdnae|<span style="color:#009000;">(talk)</span>]]</small> 04:40, 26 January 2014 (UTC)
::Okay then. Thank you, and I will! [[User:Pikemon27|Pikemon27]] ([[User talk:Pikemon27|talk]]) 17:15, 27 January 2014 (UTC)
== Partnership ==
Hello~ I'm Darknesslover5000, and I'm here to bring up a small proposition. I was originally going to take this to Archaic, as he seems to be the head Honchcrow around here, but I saw he doesn't answer talk page messages and it was advised to take concerns to the Editor-in-Chief, which, as it appears, is you. I'm here to ask, what does it take for Bulbapedia to partner with a fanfiction wiki? It's generally accepted that this is one of the better Pokémon sites around, and my friend and I recently moved our fanfiction wiki, [ Pika-Fanon], to the Shout Wiki, which isn't as well known as Wikia in general. As such, we were wondering if we could, in some way, partner our wiki with Bulbapedia. We already strive to imitate this wiki in terms of appearance, and, from my previous experience here, there have been users with an interest in making their own characters and storylines. If you could please get back to me, it would be most appreciated! --[[User:Darknesslover5000|Darknesslover5000]] ([[User talk:Darknesslover5000|talk]]) 21:08, 30 January 2014 (UTC)

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