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'''Phenomena''' are a game mechanic first appearing in [[Generation V]]. It is a different means of encountering [[wild Pokémon]], and in some cases [[item]]s. There are four types of phenomenon: rustling grass, dust clouds, flying Pokémon's shadows, and rippling water. Some Pokémon can only be obtained via this method. Phenomena will only appear after the {{player}} has the first [[Badge]].
Phenomena will continue to exist if the player moves off-screen and away from the phenomenon (without leaving the area or room entirely), accesses their game menus, or hatches an {{pkmn|Egg}}. They do not vanish until they are entered, unless the player enters an unrelated battle, picks up a visible item, interacts with an [[Non-player character|NPC]], or exits the area or room entirely. They will also vanish if an NPC steps on it. Only one phenomenon will be in the area at any given time. Saving before entering a phenomenon will not preserve the phenomenon upon reset.

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